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COMMUTING Essays and articles about commuter cycling

The Social and Emotional Aspects of Transportation Cycling  pdf
Includes the 4 types of cyclists
the Vigilant, the Veloquent, the Vagabond
and the Volatile cyclists.

This is probably the best known of all my essays and newsletter articles. Actually, only half of it is! Part 1: The social aspects of transportation cycling - the personal and social responsibilities. No one has seemed to interested in the emotional aspects of transportation cyclists. In Part 1 I suggest there are only four types of cyclists out there, from an educators point of view, and they all respond differently to offered courses depending on their physical skills and their consideration of social responsibility.

Transportation Cycling Courses: Their Purposes, Their Problems pdf



This paper examines transportation cycling courses using a systematic examination of 'curriculum as a culture' - not only as course content - to encourage dialogue, analysis and assessment of intent, beliefs and practices. This paper looks at the goals, vision and history of transportation cycling courses, as well as the beliefs and practices regarding: learners and teachers, content and context, planning and evaluation, and ends with a discussion of the dilemmas of practice and a critique of the purposes and problems of transportation bicycling skills courses. A summary of this papers findings was presented at the BC ITE (Joint Interior and Costal yearly convention) in Kamloops BC October 29th, 2004. 

A Deliberation of Transportation Modes and Training pdf

This paper was written for an SFU summer course in 2003. It speaks to some of the problems I see society, government and education and some problems teaching bike skills and advocating for cycling.

 'Illusions of Cycling' & '
Treasures of the Road' 

The lighter side of commuting. Occasionally I see things that aren't there and I find things that belong to others.

4 Newsletter articles

Articles about Weight loss, Nutrition, Bike lights and Fenders.

Tips - 4 articles  of tips   

Tips for Riding in Traffic - Choosing a Route  -  Saddle up and Ride  -  Predictability

Winter Tips

Ride Thru Winter  -  Includes a crossword puzzle 
CAMPING ON BIKE I love bike camping, below are some tips and articles.
Camping Checklist pdf A list of things to consider for your trip
Harrison Lake Trip His and Her versions of a 1 week Off-Road trip - includes pictures
The Red Coat Trail pdf Following trail taken by the North West Mounted Police

Gone Cycling

The gonecycling website is all about non-competitive bicycling



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