What is CAN-BIKE ?

CAN-BIKE is a program of bicycling safety and skills courses.

What kind of courses are there? You can read course descriptions on the Cycling Canada website.
How can I take a course? The Cycling Canada website also has a calendar of scheduled courses and contact information for certified instructors across Canada.
How much does it cost? *Prices vary throughout Canada because of venue, insurance, organizing body, type of course, location etc. See more below.
Who owns CAN-BIKE? The CAN-BIKE program is owned by the Cycling Canada and delivered by certified instructors through provincial franchise holders.
How do I become a qualified instructor? There are three steps: pass Level 4 with high marks, pass level 5, the Instructor Skills Workshop, complete the apprenticeship.
What does gonecycling.com offer?


Lunch & Learns presentations, practical 3 and 5 hours introduction to bike skills (commuting focus)  and CAN-BIKE Course Levels 3,4 & 5.
Which CAN-BIKE courses does gonecycling.com offer? Mostly CAN-BIKE Level 3 and 4, and often, during special events like Bike To Work Week, we offer short courses at work places and public venues.
Advertised prices for 2019


Although course prices vary as explained above * You can count on a minimum course fee of:
CAN BIKE L3      $ 155.00 per person (min 4, 8 max) (~8hrs - full day)
CAN BIKE L4      $ 275.00 p/p (min 4, max 8) (~20hrs - multiple days)
CAN BIKE Instructors ~$750.00 p/p based on minimum 4 participants (~20hrs - multiple course days, multiple apprenticeship days) see above qualifications.

Prices subject to taxes and change w/o notice.

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