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The 6 P's of Bike To Work 

1. Plan your Route

  • MAPS or Google your route,
  • Stay safe choose well lit and popular routes,
  • Try your route on the weekend,
  • Ride with someone - get a Bike Buddy,
  • Try Multi-mode: Car/bike, bus/bike.
2. Prepare yourself
and your bike





  • Clothing Tips: Dress in thin layers, wear clothing that wick sweat (not cotton), cycling specific shorts 'bunch up' less,
    Cycling shoes have more direct connection with pedals, not the less efficient cush of running shoes. How about liberating those bowling shoes!
    Cycling cleats keep your shoes on your pedal like a mini ski binding - I love them, lots of people hate them,
    Cycling and running jackets provide more air circulation avoiding sweat buildup,
    Sports glasses prevent tearing up because they wrap around your head more to keep wind out.
  • Cover up, use suntan lotion, where long sleeves and protect your neck like the French Legionnaires
  • Bike Equipment: Panniers, lights front and rear, reflectors, tools, pump, trailers for equipment and children,
    ABCD Air, Brakes, Chain, Drop test (before you head out to work, give each tire a quick squeeze, move your bike forward and try the brakes, chain need lube? lift the bike 2.54 cm off the ground and drop - do you hear anything unusual?
    Get a tune up at a bike shop ask about BTW specials
  • Riding in rain?
    Pack your stuff in plastic bags in your panniers, breakfast cereal bags are awesome sauce!
    Remember that your brakes don't work as well in the rain.
    Dry and Lube your chain after ride
  • Ride in the sun?
    Water bottle, sun protection.


3. Pack your panniers


  • Should you pack the night before? Most people say YES! (so you have less excuses in the morning!)
    HOWEVER! If you commit to riding to work, pack in the morning, but have your stuff ready,
    Cloths gets wrinkled, pack your cloths lightly on top of your lunch, unpack them at work ASAP,
    Your lunch is ready in the fridge - right?
  • Keep stuff at work: why carry toiletries every day? How about taking 5 changes of clothing in on the weekend.
    Have to drop the kids off first? Pack trailers depending on type, with weight over the axels and/or closer to the bike,
4. Pedal to work

  • Follow the rules of the road,
    Refer to bike sense manual
  • What if you get a flat?
    Fix it you need tools and know how to use them ~ 20 to 30 minutes,
    Phone someone you need a phone call whom? ~ 20 to 30 minutes,
    Take a bus you need money, bus pass, be on a bus route ~ 30 minutes,
    Hitch hike very tempting ~ indefinite delay,
    Ride tomorrow arrange repair today.
5. Park your Bike


  • Take your bike inside,
  • Lock your bike how?
    ULOCK Remove front wheel, lock to back wheel and bike rack, take QR devices such tools, pump, packs, tools, lights, bike computer,
    Cable locks go through both wheels, the frame and the bike rack,
    Look for a Bike locker more in town all the time,
  • Ventilate your cycling gear to dry them and reduce odor!
6. Pretty-up!

  • No shower? No problem sponge bath,
  • Is there a gym near by? Ask about BTWW special!
  • Ride slow and be pretty within - people will recognize your inner good lookingness.

Gone Cycling

The gonecycling website is all about non-competitive bicycling



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