My thoughts about
ycling Advocacy

No matter what the subject, advocacy & education are linked. Both advocacy and education can take many forms; I prefer to advocate using video, text, websites and presentations.

How I advocate



My type of advocacy is more along the lines of leadership and education. Leadership to encourage bicycle use and education for how to deal with traffic right now.  As the co-chair of my local cycling advisory committee, I advocate for more and improved on road bicycling facilities. As an educator I lead CAN-BIKE courses and I also like to encourage cyclists to advocate and educate more effectively.

The Ride Leader Workshop
There are a lot of knowledgeable cyclists who want to lead bike tours. CAN-BIKE has a course for bike leaders but we don't run it very often so I created a seminar for bike leaders and make the handouts available for free. The target audience is recreation professionals, Guide & Scout leaders, parents, teachers, etc. <click>

The ABC's of Cycling Advocacy Workshop
A lot of people want to become better advocates for cycling but don't know how to do that. I created the workshop The ABC's of Advocacy based on best practices of all advocate work. The handouts available for free. <click>

About the videos
on this page...


At the top is one of four videos promoting Bike To Work Week, the other three are on my YouTube channel. Just below is a video of a bike rally supporting bicycling facilities. The event did not disturb traffic and it involved a great cross section of local cyclists. At the bottom, excerpts from the opening of a facility upgrade.

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