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Just another bicycling nerd I guess! Lucky me, my wife loves to ride too so we are often out and about on bicycle. Like many recreation cyclists I tried commuting by bike; loved it, tried bike camping vacations with Maureen; loved that too. So we quit our jobs, sold the house and took our sweet time riding across Canada in 1999. You can read about that trip for free in the book section.

I got interested in CAN-BIKE in the early 1990's while living near Vancouver in British Columbia Canada. Most of the courses I conducted were in Vancouver and many of those courses took advantage of the downtown core busy-ness with it's multitude of one way streets, multiple turning and parking lanes, on ramps, off ramps, pedestrian malls etc. Dancing with the Cars Riding in traffic is much like dancing. Once you get the rhythm and know all the moves, it's fun! In 2007 I finished writing the largest addition to CAN-BIKE curricula in over a decade and in 2011 I created the childrens learning guide to cycling in St. Johns Newfoundland.

Now I live in a more rural area of BC. The Okanagan has a number of difficult cycling challenges. High speeds on back roads, overall lack of cycling awareness, a sort of refusal to believe the area is growing, that alternate forms of travel need to be encouraged and that other jurisdictions across North America have met the challenge and created walkable, ridable cities that people want to live in.

Bruce Mol CAN-BIKE National Examiner

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